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Bubblegum | Soy Candle


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Reminisce the unforgettable smell of good old-fashioned bubblegum but with a unique twist this time!

A scented soy candle with the scent of bubblegum- an interesting combination isn’t it? Better smelt than talked about. No need to imagine anymore when you can get your hands on this bubblegum soy candle. Not only will it turn your place into a dreamy one with its perfect light but it will also help you relax and rejuvenate with its amazing aroma. All of this while contributing towards the planet; could this treat get any better? We don’t think so!

100% Premium Natural Soy Wax
Australian Made
Fragrance : Bubblegum
Triple Scented
Burn Time : Up to 55 Hour’s
Size : 220g

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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