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French Lavender | Lavandula Bliss | Soy Candle


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French Lavender | Triple Scented

Benefit from the healing and nerve relaxing scent of lavender in this scentful, soy-based candle that will always leave you wanting for more.


A smell worth remembering! Who needs to go to a spa or an aromatherapy session when you can turn your place into one? All you need is to get hold of this sweet-scented delight – a soy-based candle having the aroma of lavender together with eucalyptus and floral combinations. Based on soy, the french lavender candle is something that will leave an ever-lasting impression on your mind and body. Not only this, the unforgettable aroma is going to turn your place into a warm and welcoming one.


100% Premium Natural Soy Wax

Australia Made

Fragrance : French Lavender

Triple Scented

Burn Time : Up to 55 Hour’s

Size : 220g

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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