T-Wolf TF800 RGB 4-pcs Gaming Keyboard/Mouse/Headphone/Mouse Pad Kit Set


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LED backlit gaming keyboard: Illuminated mechanical gaming keyboard ergonomic keyboard, LED backlight level, crystal clear uniform backlight, 12 multimedia keys, interchangeable WASD and arrow keys.Anti-ghosting, collision-free mechanical buttons (equivalent to cherry blue), moderate resistance, audible clicks, and clear and precise tactile feedback. Metal/ABS structure, high-speed USB cable and gold-plated USB connector, suitable for hardcore gaming
Ergonomic gaming mouse: Ergonomic backlit computer gaming mouse. (LED can be turned off)
Gaming mouse pad: The large Redragon XL gaming mouse pad is waterproof, and the silk-treated cloth surface ensures smooth and ultra-precise mouse movement. The bottom surface is made of non-slip natural processed foam rubber, which has great flexibility and can be adapted to different surfaces. The stitched edges prevent damage and curling.
Lightweight gaming headset with microphone: Lightweight stereo gaming headset with high sensitivity. The headset has a microphone to provide extremely high audio precision. The enclosed noise-reducing earmuffs use soft and comfortable iconic memory foam and a height-adjustable headband, which fit perfectly and bring the ultimate comfort for long-term gaming.

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1 x T-Wolf TF800 RGB 4-pcs Gaming Keyboard/Mouse/Headphone/Mouse Pad Kit Set

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